Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, the idea of ​​city dwellers leaving big cities for rural towns has gained momentum. However, a study by the Ministry of Territorial Communities and Rurality shows a completely different reality. Indeed, the survey shows that most moves are still between cities of the same scale. Conversely, moves to rural municipalities represent 17.2% before the Covid-19 epidemic.

However, the number of moves to rural municipalities has increased significantly. After the pandemic, 18.1% moved to a country town. However, when we look at departures from Île-de-France to a provincial town, this figure becomes higher. According to INSEE, nearly 240,000 French people have left the Paris region for the provinces or the DOM-TOMs. One of the main reasons that push these Ile-de-France residents to leave Paris and its surroundings is a larger living area. The second motivation is the standard of living offered by their new place of residence. Others also think about their salary. Discover in our slideshow below the cities where you will get the best salary.

To facilitate your choice when moving to the provinces, Le Figaro has therefore made a classification of the “provincial employment areas” where the average salary of executives is the highest. Among these positions, the newspaper includes “heads of departments, directors and other employees with responsibilities”. The net salary of executives in 2020 was thus compared using the database provided by INSEE. Check out the list in our slideshow below.

Unsurprisingly, the areas where the large firms are located correspond to those where you are most likely to obtain a better salary. “Large groups have a higher proportion of executives with more extensive management functions”, specifies Pierre Lamblin , director of studies for the Association for the employment of executives (Apec). But, the function occupied and the geographical location also play a role.

Discover in our slideshow below the ten best located cities.