at Thomas Cook Belgium has not succeeded in providing much-needed 5 million to make a comeback. The management is obliged to book it, likewise, the liberal trade union ACLVB to our support team. May have to lose this way, an additional 500 employees to do their job.

It was a whole afternoon of nail biting for the employees of Thomas Cook Retail. The big question is: did the board of directors has the much-needed 5 million euros, was found to have 85 travel agencies: Thomas Cook and Neckermann could also be open, and thus the jobs of the approximately 270 members of staff in the agency, and a further 230 in the head office, at least temporarily, to be able to survive? The answer would have to be made available on a special works council, which is about 15 hours, had to start from scratch.

“But without any further explanation, postponed till 16 o’clock”, said Els De Coster, of the liberal trade union ACLVB. Ultimately, it would take up to 17 hours before the staff finally advised.

finally, The delay proved to be a fateful omen. Of the five of us, it was confirmation of what many already feared: Thomas Cook in Belgium, is asking the bankruptcy. “In spite of the very intensive discussions with various parties, until the very last moment, it is the first time I’ve not reached an agreement on the necessary short-term funding”, and let the board know in a message.

a Lot of interest, but not enough cash

There was, however, of interest several tour operators, hotel operators strive, and of these companies, both from home and abroad at Thomas Cook Retail Belgium, in full or in part, is about to take over. However, because there is not enough cash is available, it will attempt to make a comeback. “The tsunami that is due to the failure of the Thomas Cook Group has been caused, it turned out to be great.” The British moedergroep last week and over the head.

“We would like to thank specifically all of our employees, who have until the last day, extremely a lot of things have to be done for our organization”, says another. “We have to live with them in these difficult times, and we do everything possible to give you the best possible support, in cooperation with the social partners.

The Gent ondernemingsrechtbank said on Wednesday, three other Belgian subsidiaries, the Belgian subsidiary of Thomas Cook’s bankruptcy, look at Thomas Cook Belgium, Thomas Cook Retail Thomas Cook Financial Services. For those companies working together a little more than 70 members of staff.

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