Nieuwpoort / Torhout –

The two divers were taken is gone for a dip in the North sea, coming from Torhout. It’s going to be Kurt’s Huberecht, a well-known magician, and his girlfriend, She Fiers. The operation to rescue the two has now been discontinued, but their family continues to hope for.

as for Kurt, and She had left Sunday afternoon in France, with a small boat, and headed for the north Sea a group of divers in the water to dive to a ship wreck. But in the 14 hours that she did this to others, that the couple is no longer at the top came from. Some of the divers went down and searched the wreckage. But they were not.

Around 14 o’clock, she’s gone missing, and there was a major rescue operation was launched. That is, it was around midnight and no result will stop. On Monday at 9 am and came back for a search and rescue helicopter in the air, but at 11: 30 am, the search is terminated, once again to no avail.

It is Monday, it is not required for. “It’s a shame, but we have done everything we could,” said the Maritime Rescue and Coordination centre (MRCC). One day, we searched late into the night, which is an extra effort. We have everything, but it didn’t work out. The search area is immense, and we don’t know exactly what happened.”

the Family continues to hope for

It is understood that the searches be discontinued and were joined by the family of the two divers is very, very hard. “We understand, of course, well aware that they have it. And they have a lot of experience with the sea and those kinds of things,” says Geert has Been the partner of the mother, of dollars. “But to hear that there are no more search is really on. In the scope where they are looking for it is becoming greater and greater. And at the end they find they are, indeed, a needle in a haystack. However, we can’t help but to be a miracle, keep on hoping.”

The family hoped, therefore, that the search included, can be used. And for that, they do have a little bit of help from a political angle. “Doing nothing will definitely not help you. We are hoping that it might be from the c. c. is still a rescue operation is put in place it can be. There is always a glimmer of hope. And we are afraid that this evening, when the dusk is full, it will disappear.”

The statements that the families of the two divers to get them, but for others. “The telephone is red hot. Even the foreign friends to call us at any time. The uncertainty is just awful. Of course, we expect that the worst part of it. But we can still hope, still a small amount. In life, there are sometimes miracles. Why then, aren’t we?”

the divers

Kurt Katana Huberecht, it is a well-known figure in Torhout. He has performed many times in the former cafe the Place Magique, held by his mother, rose, in 2016, part of Belgium’s got talent’. The pair taught each other about two years ago. For three months they lived together. There was duikmicrobe Kurt to deal with. “Kurt, it was the master , in the dive. And There also advanced . It was, therefore, definitely not for beginners. It is also unclear as to what exactly is going to be.”

She has two children, Kurt, has a son. Who has read the news on the missing scuba divers on Sunday located on the internet. “At first, we did not yet think of it. But the more time we have none of them heard of it, and how ongeruster we were. When the police was at the door, we were afraid, therefore, of reality.”