for the Moment, you would have to absolutely come once more again. For the tiny moment in which we, the audience, watch how the Person X, which was asked to the stage, an actor is. In the case of Heidi Ecks, who plays on the premiere night of “the Oak Tree” the father, the very fix. She leaves, without costume or mask, your seat to play in the chamber, she can say a sentence. Such a tiny gesture, a alertness in the emphasis, the facial Expressions, and you realize – now you can, with body and soul, actress. And even then, if exactly 75 minutes Tim Crouchs Drama for two performers and seven persons in the case of one or the other nasty and Irritation are built – in for “play partners N. N.” – in the role, out of role, this voltage.

by Eva-Maria Magel

culture editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

Heidi Ecks, the premiere partner of Sebastian Reiß in the chamber playing of the Frankfurt show, game, and white at the same time, that you will most play, unusually for an actress, this role again. To every idea, Sebastian Reiß, plays a hook, who plays a hypnotist, get new colleagues up on the stage. Out of the Ensemble, a guest. The audience is surprised, the Theater also. Which is why the Premiere was: Hardly colleagues in the audience – because those who could play the piece yet should know in next time, as little as possible about it.

A Aria with variations

For the Schauspiel Frankfurt has Crouch, the 1964-born British author, Director, actor, for the first Time in Germany, as the Director worked, and on his own part. The story is that of a father, embodied by the changing of the actor who is in a hypnosis show, the hypnotist, three months before, his little daughter on the way to a piano lesson one. The kid must have had Talent: you can hear it, in spite of the many bloopers from the music played. It is Bach’s are the Goldberg variations. An Aria with variations – about the same as the piece itself.

the court acquitted the hypnotist free, with the burden he has to live but, as the father, the mother, the sibling of your child. You can make it all very difficult. That the hypnotist can’t hypnotize you, most unhappy, but also again and again, breathing haltingly weird to the fact that of the hold-orphaned father is looking for in his hypnosis show to help. Tragedy and Comedy are close to each other, so Oak tea “experienced Two-person Drama, and test arrangement” at the same time.

What is theatre

rip plays very great to have this one that has failed, not entirely likable Showman, whose uncertainty with the first Verhasplern in the witty greeting is revealed. As a hypnotist he is the Loser, as a Director of the Evening, he draws judiciously the game of his partner. A whisper Text and instructions through a microphone in the headphones of the other, and it is up to the audience the many layers of the show that this game has. “Oak Tree” shows what theatre can do. And that is more than to explain to a glass of water an oak tree – how in the concept art of Michael Craig-Martin, which belongs to the collection of the Tate and the piece not only gave its name.

Crouch shows Explain one thing to a different thing, as it would be a pure game of children, almost as the essence of the theatre. The Agreement expands the audience, that this is so already in order to the maximum. Usually actors are in the theatre, when they occur, in a role. If, however, someone from the audience asked the room to the stage, one always sees that there is no professional person is. Now the Theater gets from the audience. And the audience is supposed to imagine that it was in a cellar bar, a guest at a hypnosis show, “a year later than now”.