Kortrijk / Bruges (brugge) –

A serious car accident has, by the end of Tuesday, the death of a woman (35) from Kortrijk, belgium. The woman was left in the emergency lane and get hit by a car. On the E40 in Bruges, was a victim in the emergency lane. There was a man struck by a pick-up truck.

Last night, happened to a serious car accident on the E17 motorway towards Antwerp, at the height of the egg-shell, in Kortrijk, belgium. A woman was getting out of her car, which, for yet unknown reason, stopped on the emergency lane and was driven out by her husband. A car driven by a man from the Countryside came to be on the right-hand side, in the presence of a voetgangster, a woman from Kortrijk (b. 1984).

the Two ambulanciers, that happen to be a witness of the facts, tried to help, but the victim died at the scene.

The public prosecutor’s office stated in a verkeersdeskundige to the circumstances of the accident for further investigation. A necessary condition, that the driver is in the drivers vehicle had been drinking, and also not too fast.

now, as to Why the vehicle stopped on the emergency lane, and the victim got out of the car is also still under investigation.

the Car hit

you may Also use the E40 in Bruges, it happened around 2: 30 am last night in a serious accident. A man was in his car on the emergency lane and put in the amount of the interchange with the E40/E403. In a truck, drove that the parked vehicle at the rear of.

The shock was immense. The driver of the parked car, survived by by. Emergency services rushed to the spot but could no longer do so.

The public prosecutor’s office stated in a verkeersdeskundige to the particular circumstances might be. The accident was to the right, and middenrijstrook for a period of time, is blocked. In the car, it was just before seven o’clock, hoisted.