The Federal Ministry of Finance is a magazine reporting, ready to orchestrate a merger of the Deutsche Bank and the Commerzbank. In view of the serious crisis of the two institutions had been spoken in recent months about various scenarios, reported the magazine “Focus” in advance. The Ministry of Finance and the banks refused to comment.

Already a few months ago an Insider informed the news Agency Reuters that a merger of the two institutions was one Option being considered in the Ministry of Finance of the social Democrats, Olaf Scholz. The “Focus” that the Federal government could get limited to a period of about five years at Deutsche Bank and as the largest shareholder of both houses to the merger on a share drive exchange. In Commerzbank, the Federal government already holds over 15 percent.

A second scenario, see the Deutsche Bank, of investors, such as local industrial groups and may be from Federal money for the Acquisition of the Commerzbank concerned. In addition, the formation of a Holding had been discussed in the Ministry of Finance, Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank held an exchange of Shares, bring in your papers and merged.