moves The closer to the crucial vote on Tuesday, the clearer it is that Theresa May is to bring your “Deal” without compromise through the house of Commons. On Thursday, the Prime Minister confirmed that you want to find an answer to the concerns of many members about the catch-all solution for Northern Ireland, the so-called “backstop” that. You speak is currently working with colleagues on the question of whether Parliament “could be assigned a role” in the activation and the termination of the backstops, she told the BBC. The backstop should apply according to the withdrawal agreement, if the transition phase after the Brexit is in December 2020, or after an extension has expired, and until then, no trade agreement with the EU could be agreed.

Jochen Buchsteiner

Political correspondent in London.

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Many of the members, especially the representatives of the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) criticised the safety net that it controls between Northern Ireland and great Britain make, the de facto draw a trading limit set by the country. To everyone’s great displeasure in the exit agreement stipulated powerlessness of London, to control the mechanism of his own power, and to finish in front of all encounters; this is only possible with the consent of Brussels.

May seems to the members of the European Commission of a say in the rights offering. For one, you want to insert a new sub-house Committee to have a say in the government price at the time of the connection negotiations on a trade agreement with the EU. On the other hand, the Parliament should be allowed to have a say in whether or not the backstop is introduced, or the transition phase will be extended. In addition, you should have Tory rebels, to leave the Parliament after the entry into force of the standard solution once-a-year vote on whether Britain will remain in the mechanism, or Alternatives to pursue.