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The club Super Amara Bidasoa Atletiko Taldea Irun (Gipuzkoa), has launched a campaign to find a bone marrow donor for Bikendi Aizpiolea , a young athlete irundarra from 13 years sick of leukemia. The minor, who is admitted in the Hospital Donostia of San Sebastián from the past month of February, you need to find a donor with a compatibility higher than what you have achieved to date.

The BAT has explained that last February 9 Bikendi competed in several tests in which “ends up doing the 1,000 meters where he finished first” . Back at the house, “you notice a few lumps in the neck,” and on Monday you go to the pediatrician, who immediately sent to the Hospital Donostia, where it is admitted with a diagnosis of Leukemia type T .

young person takes “months of struggle, very hard,” and, according to notes your club is “a suffering that should have no one, but least still a child of 13 years who was completely healthy and enjoying life as normal”.

Since a few weeks, the “battle” is focused on, “the cord is free to be able to make the transplant they need,” , and physicians are combining “several really tough days of treatments with one day of rest.” “Right now the compatibility is higher that they have found a donor is 50% and it is necessary to so much per cent higher.”

therefore, since the Super Amara Bidasoa Atletiko Taldea have made an appeal to the people that may be marrow donors , –people who are healthy between the ages of 18 and 40 years old– are encouraged to do so. In that sense, they refer to the form of Osakidetza in order to be able to become a donor.