Night rock fall – Axenstrasse to the rockfall again gesperrtAm late Monday night occurred on the A4 between Flüelen and Sisikon a rock fall. Experts are on-site.Again the scene of rock falls: view on the Axenstrasse between Brunnen and Sisikon. (Archive photo)photo: Alexandra Wey/Keystone

After a new Rock – and landslide on Monday evening, the Axenstrasse between Flüelen and Sisikon has been locked. People came to the first findings of no harm.

In the area Gumpisch on the A4-Axenstrasse, it came on Monday against 22 PM a landslide and rock fall, as a spokesman for the police of the Canton Uri, at the request of the news Agency Keystone confirmed the SDA. The road was blocked until Further notice. The traffic will be diverted via the A2 motorway. Information on the extent of the rock fall or potential damage he could do no responsible by the Federal office for roads (Astra) are on-site.

alarm system locks road automatically

It was an event, as it had already occurred in the past in the area. On the affected road, an alarm system section since the fall of 2019 installed. This blocks the road automatically, as soon as it detects a movement at the mountain festival.

Last updated at the beginning of may this year had gone several hundred cubic metres of Material on the Axenstrasse low. The Warninfrastruktur was damaged. The street remained for several hours blocked.

The Axenstrasse is part of the A4 and connects on the right Bank of lake Lucerne, Brunnen with Flüelen. Guides you through the rockfall area Gumpisch between Flüelen and Sisikon. In the past, debris flows were deposited in the Gumpischtal again and again.