the Standard is on tonight (21 h) against the Field. Still a big name in European football, but not as powerful, and more…

15 seasons without a title:

The North , waiting as early as fifteen years old, on a new track. The last one dates back to 2004, when the Arsenal under Arséne Wenger, a long time champion.

3 years without Champions League

in the years that Arsenal regular in the uefa Champions League is over. After 17 successive participation in the kampioenenbal (2000 to 2017), the fans, for the third year in a row to settle with the Europa League.

1 Of the European cup

as A European power was at Arsenal, never has been. The trophy case is just one of the great European cup: for winners ‘ cup, 1994. The London-based club and was a five-time runners-up in the European final. Last year, it lost to Arsenal, still won’t stand a chance in the Europa League final by Chelsea, 4-1.

0 Uk international

– The current selection in the English national team has a player in the first half. The last of the English international in the first half, with Danny Welbeck, left, last summer’s press conference at Watford.

6th value in England

With a kernmarktwaarde of 684 million euros in the current Arsenal does not have more than one of the top teams in the Premier League. Man City (1,28 billion), Liverpool (1.07 billion), England (984 million), Chelsea (807 million) and Man U (753 million) and will have a more left).

for More on the Arsenal of Standard features at one of the top clubs, Arsenal have nothing to lose, Seville, as a warning to Club Brugge as an inspiration and everyone at Real Madrid and Club Brugge looked up, scoring, Serge Gnabry, four times against Tottenham, who is this rising star? Battle of the Europa League, but teams ends in a draw: Arsenal knew the young, handsome, goal, Manchester United out of the EUROPA LEAGUE. Crasson and Dudelange antics, thanks to the Antwerp fiasco, Arsenal are doing the gold thing, with crazy results in Germany