The sour dough-the diary (2) – When men’s teeth show nThe production of sourdough bread is in bread-consuming. Just right for men who have too much time. They sometimes fail on the whole line.Stefan Busz0 KommentareWas a beautiful bread! Albert Anker would want to paint. Or Goya.Stefan Busz

Monday: feed sourdough. Tuesday: sourdough feeding. Wednesday: sourdough feeding. Thursday: sourdough feeding. The diary of a sourdough bread Baker looks-hobbyists. On Friday is then taken in the run-up to bread, the dough is stretched and folded, stretched and folded, et cetera, according to our teacher, and voilà: On Saturday the bread out of the oven comes.

What a beautiful bread!, you want to exclaim, Albert Anker would want to paint the loaf, maybe Goya. This is what a man in a week produced in a long work, just to say: I am but a deer in the sourdough bread-baking.

The sour dough bread returns but. Firstly, It is not yet risen, as you wanted. Secondly, the crust became a little fixed. Thirdly, I’ll bite me in mind of a Tooth. No big deal, said the dentist who fixed me, it can happen. A year to go, says a sourdough Guru, to a Hobbyist has the matter well in hand. So I still have time. And feed the dough, which by the way means now, “Hugo”, more. Next appointment at the dentist Friday.

How to do it correctly, shows the Ecole internationale de boulangerie, with short films on Youtube. Or, of course: Claudio Del Principe (“A casa”), is our teacher.

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