“Children who eat lots of vegetables do better in school,” says Angèle, the nurse who came to meet Gloria and her classmates. In the head of the bubbly little girl germinates an idea: “I’m going to grow vegetables and make my friends smart!” In this second album featuring Gloria, a character she created in the image of the child she was, author and host Guylaine Guay introduces children to the joys (and challenges) of gardening.

How will Madame Anne live the last day of school in the company of her 24 endearing, but rather annoying students? It’s up to the reader to decide. While in the previous volumes of the series The heroes of my class, we slipped into the skin of a child, for this 25th and last title, we embody the teacher. On the verge of giving birth, Madame Anne must avoid any strong emotions. However, incredible and wacky situations follow one another during this last day of class. A very entertaining novel that ends the series in a beautiful way.

While being taught to “act life in weightlessness” at ballet school, a young girl fears she won’t be up to it. Throughout this poetic novel with an exploded layout, the heroine falters. Under the pen of Marie-Andrée Arsenault, the anxiety she experiences becomes a spider that weaves its web. “In all naivety, I allow myself to be captured. Fragile puppet, here I am trapped in its stretching trap, ”explains the young girl. From this darker moment, however, will come light. A reading likely to put a balm on the heart of the readers.

When he wakes up, in front of the mirror, Monsieur Bonjambon notices something unusual. “Where did my one and only left eye go?!” exclaims the pig. The solution ? Call Super Earthworm. Helped by his friends, the superhero who crawls extremely slowly will do as fast as possible to find the culprit. An absurd, hilarious, but also rewarding investigation. It’s not in all comics that the action takes a “must stop” to introduce an artist…

How is a star born? What is a black hole? Will the universe always exist? To find answers to these questions, budding astronomers are invited to board Stella’s spacecraft for a guided tour of space. Surrounded by funny and very curious extraterrestrials, the pilot reveals dozens of surprising information as she travels through the nebulae. A documentary very well popularized and punctuated by spectacular photos from NASA, like its predecessor A Guided Tour of the Solar System.