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If you were not a topic as serious and a statement as insulting, surely that is due to ignorance, we might even savour the irony unintentional occurrence which gave us a contestant on the program “OT” , stating that fans of the bulls are about nazis. It turns out that the first law of protection radical of wild and domestic animals (1933) is due to the national socialist government of the third Reich .

The nazi ideology was essentially naturalist and antihumanista : for this “thinking” men don’t exist as races, some superior, others inferior; instead, all animals are equal in dignity.

Invites the same kind of irony to remember of Himmler , the executive of the Holocaust, who, witnessing a bullfight in Sales when he visited Spain in 1940, could not endure the blood of bulls, that was the only thing that he saw, and he came out throwing up the square. And let’s not talk about the passionate love which Hitler dedicated to his German shepherd , being totally insensitive to the removal of millions of adults and children in the death camps. Since then, those “ideologues” were antitaurinos.

With this you do not want to suggest amalgams, which would be just as absurd and insulting . I just want to express my fear for the censures when you run into a totalitarian thought. And since this year we commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz , lords(as), a little bit of formality, and above all of respect for these millions of victims! I keep the distances!

François Zumbiehl is a doctor in cultural anthropology (University of Bordeaux)