the Good news for the fans of ‘FC De Kampioenen’. They will be able to not only look forward to the fourth feature-length film, Viva Boma! , there will also be new episodes of the tv series. That, on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary.

the Young and the old. We all know the men of ‘the football league Champions, the favorite soccer team of the flemish region. Since 1990, the appear Enclosure and the co. on the belgian national television. The Fans were all 273 episodes and three feature-length films. In december, the fourth movie in the cinema. But it is also the celebration of their seventh anniversary and this is a new episode, they thought at One.

“Every week, we received the fan, however, agree with the question, ” Why are there no new episodes any more?’”, says Herman Verbruggen, who played the role of Marc Vertongen plays. “Not only me, but all the Champions are still frequently asked about it. I just wanted to get the answer to that question, I know, so I asked him when the network manager of One, Olivier, Goris. Much to my surprise and delight, it was his first reaction is to be very clear: One was the thirtieth anniversary of the “FC The Champions” is the ideal opportunity for The Champions to re-home them!”

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“that’s When Herman Verbruggen, An Swartenbroekx, with the idea of me, I didn’t have much time to think. It’s great to see how popular the series still is, for young and old alike. It’s the thirty year anniversary is the perfect time for fans to indulge in,” says Olivier, Goris, network manager at one One. “Every generation has Its Champions, some of them have grown up with it, while others discover the series until now. But anyway, the Champion is a lot of fun, for more than thirty years of age. And that’s worth celebrating!”

There will be eight new episodes are to be included in the well-known studiodecors. 2021 will be the new Champions on the tv show.

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