The CSU member of the German Bundestag Peter Ramsauer harvests due to a trip with a German business delegation to Saudi Arabia sharp criticism from the Opposition. To fawn over “the Saudis now and again, as if nothing had happened, is a fatal sign,” said Left-group leader Sahra wagenknecht of the “Passauer Neue Presse” (Monday). “Anyone who thinks that good economic relations would promote liberal reforms in Saudi Arabia, is either naive or is lying in one’s own pocket,” she said.

“Ramsauer under the policy of his eigeCSUnen Federal government,” complained the foreign policy spokesman of the Greens, Omid Nouripour, in the newspaper. “It is not the Job of members of Parliament, the difficulties in dealing with Saudi Arabia for the benefit of the business, and making it simple to hide.” The Green-foreign politician, Jürgen Trittin, criticized: “it is Not the first Time Peter Ramsauer operates a in addition to foreign policy in the service of big business. As Chairman of the economic Committee, he was a keen Lobbyist in Russia, as in Saudi Arabia.“

The former German Federal Minister of transport, traveled, according to the report on Sunday as the President of the Arab-German chamber of Commerce Ghorfa, after Saudi Arabia.