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With the reopening during the desescalada, some consumers have complained about the payment of a “supplement Covid” of up to € 60 which added to some merchants by the additional costs of disinfection of shops, workshops, car repairs, hair salons or dental clinics, among other facilities. From Legálitas pointed out that this rate is legal as long as you notify the consumer in advance through signage or other means. In this line, recall that these amounts should be specified using the express indication of the amount and apply or not in all circumstances alike.

From the Consumer Organization OCU confirm that this extra cost “may be a stretch, but it is legal”. However, from the OCU also have an impact on that should require the express consent of the client. In addition, the additional costs to collect will have to be “adjusted to the real price”. “If the customer had attempted to charge without having been warned, you will be able to reject it and report it to the agency of consumption of competent jurisdiction, either municipal or the autonomous regions”, warn from the OCU.

on the contrary, from Facua believe they charge a “fee Covid” does not conform to the rules even when you report to the user before cashing in. In the consumer organization Facua denounced that charge in a bar a fee to mitigate the costs of cleaning the premises “is as illegal as that before the pandemic awakened to an extra for cleaning the table or by the fact that the waiters wear a uniform”. In a statement, Facua points out that a growing number of establishment they are applying to what they call an com charge, rate or fee Covid.

Also, in the OCU’re told that some decks are introducing new provisions as setting a minimum or set a maximum time of permanence. “Also are legal practices, always and when you report before the client”, they say. What is not legal – they warn from the OCU – is to expand the storage space at the expense of removing the surface of the pavement to the pedestrians.

Rates in schools

From Legálitas also warn that there is private schools, and concluded that they are announcing their intention to raise rates next year to be able to cope with additional charges such as the daily disinfection in intensive classrooms, and distribution of furniture to comply with the minimum safety distance.

as with other services, in the case of private schools or concerted schools and families have a contractual relationship, so that could be legal, which payments increase , provided that these increases were indicated properly in advance. However, the parents can decide whether or not to continue with the contract for the education of their children in the center.