Athletics in Oslo – And always jumps in between, somewhere”Diamond League is different” is the Motto – and suffers shipwreck. Only Karsten Warholm rocks.Monica Schneider0 comment Karsten Warholm runs about 300 m hurdles year’s world best time.keystone-sda.chlea custom Sprunger is also about 300 m hurdles third parties.Keystone Selina Büchel occupies about 600 m in second place.keystone-sda.ch1 / 3

After 60 minutes, the witching hour is over and you are left pretty clueless, confused and shaking his head back. Stories they wanted to tell, had Steinar Hoen said, in any Race, a story. The former high jumper is today’s meeting Director for the Bislett Games in Oslo took place on Thursday evening as the first Event of the Diamond League series in 2020. Not as Bislett, rather than “Impossible Games”.

The athletics is back! And thus the anticipation and the expectations. Oslo has already presented a long time ago, also by this newspaper as “innovative” designated program – one that is also in the Corona times. Special disciplines, split screen, distance. In retrospect, one must say that the “Impossible Games” can never be inimitable games have, there are two exceptions, impossible games.

An odd number of cardboard spectators in the stadium

But: Who’s surprised? A stadium that has never seen an odd number of cardboard spectators, silent and stiff, a few dozen lost officials, and a handful of athletes, “very happy” to attend once again a Competition, such as hurdles, European champion Lea Sprunger said. Without adrenaline, without tension, without the Kick.

The organisers have dreamed of, led by a 2000-m-duel of the brothers Inge brigtsen against a Trio of Kenyans, from world champion Timothy Cheruiyot. The run in Oslo, the other in Nairobi – split screen. SRF-commentator Patrick Schmid says: “In Kenya, time is running equal.” Two sentences later: “they are already gone, but no one knows their time.” What is now exactly? It is then ran, the Norwegians, and especially Jakob Inge brigtsen excellent and in Europe in record time (4:50,04), the Africans in awkward conditions, and pathetic, only to achieve the goal. The Team can’t be counted.

Karsten Warholm, the Saviour

You have to hold Steinar Hoen benefit, that at least some of the ideas were good. If Armand Duplantis jumps rod, this is a Show in itself. He can do it alone. But there’s a jump again and again in böenartigen winds in between. It’s Renaud Lavillenie home is in the garden at Clermont-Ferrand. Starting at the garden house, Jump in the neighbour’s tree. Not live. He has also been jumped on Wednesday. The duel, therefore, is a vorgegaukeltes, the Duplantis wins with 5.86 m.

Lea Sprunger and Selina Büchel were one of the few flown-in guests. Sprunger took the time to practice your 13-rhythm, Büchel still lacked the speed over of 600 m. Only a race to two, three to watch: As world champion Karsten Warholm in the 300 m hurdles rocked: the Usual fists swirl on the chest, incredibly fast startup, incredibly fast, all – in 33,79 a world best time. Also he can do it alone. But also it would be good for a little round of applause. Athletics in this air void remains challenging. But: the simpler, the easier to understand.

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