for millions of life insurance customers: you can hope for an end to the interest-rate decline in the pension scheme-classic. “The trough should gradually be achieved. In the coming year, the interest rate is likely to remain in the cut largely constant,“ says the industry expert Lars Heermann by the rating Agency Assekurata.

Good news about the Alliance life, the industry leader keeps the ongoing interest rate 2019 stable. This is also true for other providers, such as Axa Versicherungs AG, Nürnberger lebensversicherung, Alte Leipziger life, the Württembergische and the R+V life. Even more reason to have joy of life of customers, for example, the Ideal as well as the DEVK life and the DEVK insurance Association – this companies increase the current rate of interest.

for the customers, an important key figure is derived from the guaranteed interest rate and surplus participation, the amount the insurer will decide depending on the economic situation and success of your investment strategy every year. Because of the interest rate downturn, the insurance industry increasingly difficult to achieve the high promise of the past in the capital markets.

guarantees in new contracts cut back

the result is that The surplus participation is decreasing in the cut for quite some time. The additional plus of age is therefore smaller than many consumers expected.

the guaranteed interest rate, since the beginning of 2017 for new contracts at a measly 0.9 per cent. Before the turn of the Millennium, the industry had lured customers with Offers of up to 4 percent. This must meet the company is also in the interest slack.

For new contracts were to be screwed on the guarantees at the behest of the Federal government, however, according to the report. The current yield refers only to the Savings component of insurer costs, net of acquisition and administration as well as the contribution for death protection.

Not all of the customers on increasing returns

hope “We expect the width of no further sharp cuts in the income Declaration,” said Henning Cooling, chief actuary of the life insurance Collector policies Directly, recently. “Particularly financially strong insurers, we are confident that you keep your Surplus constant.” In the past year, the situation in the sector has tightened further. But now there is the prospect of a billion-relief.