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The veteran right-hander valenciano Enrique Ponce , with 16 performances, he has led the ranks of matadors de toros, the bullfighting season of 2020, which, because of the pandemic of Covid, was the most short in numbers since the years of the Spanish Civil War.

If in 1936, when conflict broke out, were held in Spain, 104 cumshots of bulls and Domingo Ortega the led with 45 paseíllos, in 2020 only have been able to hold 63 these festivities over, to add to the only 14 calves and the 11 shows of rejones that define a reduction of 89 percent in taurine activity with respect to the previous season.

This collapse in the celebration of festivities because of the health measures has been assumed, therefore, another notable reduction in the number of right-handed people who have acted in these arenas Spanish and also in French, where only have been held to 15 performances.

so, in 2020 will have dress lights 56 matadors de toros , in front of the 144 2019, and besides counting with a low volume of actions, as if Ponce has toreado only 16 runs, his immediate follower in the table, the extremaduran Emilio Justo, stayed right in the middle. After them it’s only been five cumshots Daniel Luque, Curro Díaz, Juan Leal or Fandi.

the Face of such an acute shortage of festivals, has been featured swords that have not come to fight not a single afternoon , as the peruvian Rock King, the riojan Diego Urdiales -was suspended due to impaired health his only action planned – or even the madrileño José Tomás, whose appearance in the French fair of Nîmes, it was announced early this year.

Only two new destroyers

Precisely at that coso gaul was held, already in September, alternative right-hander from madrid, Marcos Pérez, in a season that also met the withdrawals of frenchman Sebastian Castella and Toñete and the respawns of Salvador Vega and Jimenez Fortes. The other, the Mario Sotos, with three ears in Castellar de Santiago.

In the novilleros with picks , the cadiz Francisco Montero, with its five paseíllos, has been one of the 34 recorded the most times he has performed in only 14 celebrations verified in this category, while, as in the two previous seasons, the rider gala Lea Vicens, this time with only 11 performances, topped the table rejón that this year has reached twelve names.

In total, the mass loss of festivities during the pandemic has led to a great reduction in the number of bullfighters that are listed in the three ladders -matadors, novilleros and rejón-, with an average of up to 70 percent less than professionals, in the season of 2019.

But greater still has been the fall in the section livestock , which, among utreros, cuatreños and cinqueños, this season we have been able to deal in the squares of a total of 568 horn-flanked (379 in cumshots, 95 in novilladas chopped and 94 for bullfighting), which accounts for 85 percent fewer cattle than in the previous campaign, when estoquearon a 3,880.

The cattle that the more products has sold to celebrations formal in 2020 has been Fermín Bohórquez (42, mostly for rejones), followed by those of Juan Pedro Domecq (32), Zalduendo (24), Alcurrucén and Domingo Hernández (23), García Jiménez (22), Jandilla (21), Victoriano del Río (19), Victorino Martín (17) and Miura (16).

The rest of the currencies that has been able to deal with their cattle festivities over, until you get to 82, has had very low sales figures, almost always under six copies, while they have not been able to do so 74 that if they were to do so in the season of 2019.

it Is as well as the situation in the field, bravo reaches alarming levels , with a mass production of animals that have not been output to the squares and that they have been slaughtered in the slaughterhouse industry at a much lower price, according to the associations of breeders, it doesn’t even cover the costs of their upbringing.

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