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The King Felipe VI closed yesterday the summit “Spanish companies lead the future” organized by the CEOE with a message of encouragement to the entrepreneurs. He stressed that there is continue to undertake and described the current crisis as being of great hardness “, but recalled that this was also a “great opportunity”.

“Without doubt and in spite of all the difficulties, we are faced with a great opportunity to progress in the changes that need to our economies and to adapt them to the new needs without forgetting that the day after is to keep risking, to create businesses, strengthen partnerships, to engage and re-start if it is necessary, of generate welfare and wealth for society as a whole. We play a lot and in the global market, things will move very fast. Let’s take advantage of all possible tools at our fingertips, without wasting time and with the strategic ambition of achieve ever greater levels of well-being, of prestige and even of leadership”, he pointed out, Felipe VI.

The King focused his speech to praise the work and commitment of the entrepreneurs during the crisis, as well as to thank you for the ideas suggested at the conferences held during the past days. “The work and the thrust of your sector are just as critical to confronting and overcoming the economic crisis derived from the pandemic of Covid-19 that has been hit so hard by our society during the last few months,” said Felipe VI. “These initiatives have been a clear expression of the commitment of entrepreneurs , with responsibility and solidarity, giving the best of yourselves,” he said.

Four days after the completion of the alarm state, Felipe VI recalled that the health crisis is still present and, therefore, called “follow the edge all the precautions.” . At the same time, the King said that, in addition, this crisis “clearly shows already with hardness the effects of background and more durable on our life as a society, on the economy, the fabric of production, employment and on sectors of activity and social areas particularly vulnerable”.

In a ceremony which was accompanied by the vice-president of the economic Government, Nadia Calviño , the president of Inditex, Pablo Isla , and the president of the employer, Antonio Garamendi , Felipe VI, returned to send a message of unity. “Always together we will reach more far away, but also in better conditions, entrepreneurs have shown that we’re going to keep doing it with spirits renewed.”

After making a review by the “business meetings of deep draft” that have happened in recent weeks, Don Felipe called the forum organized by CEOE as of great utility to the present, and with valuable lessons for the future. “More than a hundred entrepreneurs have analyzed as an unprecedented pandemic in our recent history has threatened a business that with so much effort and so much dedication have helped to build or to hold next to those before you in the task of creating wealth and employment in Spain”.

A crisis is “severe and global”

“you Are perfectly well aware, as already pointed out in other instances, of so severe and global that it is this crisis, as well as the need to face it with a european perspective , vision of short, medium and long term,” he added.

Also, the King put the accent on the role of Europe” and called to improve its governance through the market with unique, equality of conditions “as well as the need to accelerate the banking union and the capital market, without forgetting the necessary impetus to european policies that pursue the strengthening of the entrepreneurial fabric and industrial with special attention to smes and with a special sensitivity to the self-employed”.

To finish, the King Felipe VI praised the defense that make the entrepreneurs, together with the labor unions, “the social dialogue as a necessary tool for the modernization of the productive fabric”.