Pascal Légitimus (Les Inconnus): 4 things to know about the famous comedian


Pascal Légitimus was born on March 13, 1959 in Paris. Son of a mother of Armenian origin and a father of Caribbean origin, he lived surrounded by his parents during his childhood. A love story that posed a problem in 1950s France.

“My father was also an actor and a musician. My mother’s parents told him ‘But why don’t you marry a white lawyer? With a West Indian, you’re going to have problems’. But my mother was in love and she had them. shit. And, at the wedding, there was only my Armenian grandfather. The others, well, they had gotten lost, they hadn’t found the church… So, being the only half-breed in the family, I developed a sense of guilt,” he told VSD in November 2017, adding. “Especially since at the Claude Bernard high school, the guys called me Mohamed, or took me for an Argentinian. I have a big history all the same: on the left slavery, on the right the genocide. father, my family is Ethiopian; I am a descendant of Haile Selassie, and therefore of the Queen of Sheba. Yes, I have the family tree and everything”.

During his adolescence, the star had felt handicapped by his interbreeding. As he confided to our colleagues from Europe 1: “When there are 1,200 students, and you are already in emotional deprivation, what you are looking for is the love of your neighbour. What I received, they were questions. I always had to explain where I came from. My crossbreeding was a handicap to introduce me into a group”, he said. “At the time, there was racism, not aggressive, but through lack of knowledge. Over time, humor allowed me to coagulate with my comrades”.

In the family of Pascal Légitimus, another star has had a great career in the spotlight for several years. This is the singer Laurent Voulzy, who is none other than the cousin of the actor. Invited to Télématin on October 22, the famous member of the Unknowns shared sad news about him.

“He lost his mother, not very long ago”, confided Pascal Légitimus to the presenter Damien Thévenot, surprised by this revelation. “I didn’t know it was your cousin.” The opportunity for the Guadeloupe star to discuss their family and professional relationship. “I had the opportunity to make a TV movie for France Télévisions in Marie-Galante. So, I invited him on two days of filming. We see each other from time to time, we have a little food. And, I will definitely invite him to see L’invitation au theater des Bouffes Parisiens”.

Asked by our colleagues from Guadeloupe Soir, the artist Laurent Voulzy already mentioned his roots shared with the family of Pascal Légitimus. “Marie-Galante is family. The first slave of the Légitimus family landed here. I have all my roots there”, according to comments relayed by Le Parisien in 2021.

From the mid-1980s, the trio of Inconnus, with Pascal Légitimus, Didier Bourdon and Bernard Campan, enjoyed phenomenal success. As well on the boards as in The Three Brothers or The Three Wise Men, the three acolytes quickly become stars adored by a whole generation of fans.

However, starting in the 2000s, the trio gradually broke up. Asked about a possible reformation in the theater or in a feature film, Pascal Légitimus confided without filter on the question.

“Didier and I are at full speed, but that’s only two-thirds gold, there are three of us, three-thirds are needed. Bernard has less fuel in the engine. You know, I’m only asking for that and it’s not the money that torments me, no, just find the energy of the joke, just do a show with old sketches and two or three new ones on the news, that’s all”, he confided in 2017 at VSD. “We did The Three Brothers Return, but since then nothing. The worst thing is that we love each other, that we are not even angry. We will have to be patient. Or not”.

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From 1996 to 2003, Pascal Légitimus was the companion of singer Pauline Ester. From now on, the actor shares his life with a certain Adriana Santini, 18 years his junior. The latter is not totally unknown to the community since her father is none other than the actor Pierre Santini.

Adriana Santini was an accountant at Club Med before leaving for the United States to get into comedy. On her return to France, she obtained a few roles in plays. At the same time, Pascal Légitimus is looking for a director for his new play Cyrano 2. The two actors meet and it’s love at first sight. Since then, the two lovers have become parents of a daughter named Alice. The star also has another daughter, born from a previous union.

“I am a normal father, neither severe, nor senile, and then I like to be a dad who accompanies, who raises (…) It’s a great experience”, he had explained to Purepeople.