In Strasbourg, it said on Friday, “returned to some normality. The Christmas market was re-opened.“ Normality? It is good that life goes on even after the most recent murder, and the people of Strasbourg and visitors do not remain in their homes or Hotels. This Triumph, you should not treat the perpetrators, because he einlüde potential successor to him even longer to savor. But, unfortunately, it is the bombers from Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz and the Strasbourg managed to have the friends from the Christmas markets, not only to mulled wine and gingerbread think. In the pictures in the head also, killer crowd, in the meantime, and trucks that transform a tacky, but peaceful celebrations in the bloody Inferno. In the haze of roasted almonds and potato pancakes, the smell of uncertainty is mixed, sometimes even of fear.

German politicians should do the same, therefore, the French President, and also about a Christ child market, only to show there flag. On such occasions you can come up with citizens in conversation, the questions, since the mass immigration three years ago, whether “We can do this” is really doable.