in Flanders from January 1, no insurance premiums and more electric cars. That is, the government on Friday decided to. The contributions of shots and their point is to be heard at the office of the secretary of Energy, Zuhal Demir (N-VA).

now, at last, on the 31st of december, is an electric car, buy it, you can still enjoy a bonus of up to 4,000 euros. Electric cars, however, are only found in a minority of cases, individuals have been purchased. For the approximately 3.600 sales of electric cars by 2018, which were only some four-hundred the premiums requested. The measure was not met, it is Friday and to hear from you.

However, this year there will be more contributions being sought. According to new figures from the previous Energieminister I have been Peeters (Open Vld), it was apparent that it was in the first half of the year was 593, compared to the 415 in the whole of 2018. There was a 2.2 million euro was paid out in the first half of the year.

Smith pointed out earlier this year, we are still on for the duration of your period, to achieve the target of 7.5 percent for electric vehicles by the end of 2020. The N-VA, however, was not a fan of the promotion. The former party leader Matthias Diependaele (N-VA) called it a gift, and decided to spend the money for premium, investing in more staff, such as charging infrastructure.

“this is Bad news for the greening of the fleet”

The automotive industry is not happy with the announcement that Flanders, the premium for electric cars, the new year dropped. “This is typical of the ‘greening’ of the fleet,” said sector federation Febiac. “Consumers will have no incentive to have to switch over to a clean, zero-emissiewagen”, says the federation of electric mobility (Avere).

At this moment, less than 1% of the individuals who are buying a car, for an electric car. A fiscal stimulus is essential in order to change that, says it accepts any. “Nowhere else in the world, the market for electric vehicles is faster than the average, without a strong set of supporting measures, what it sounds like.

“We find it regrettable that the Flemish government has already decided that the premium and its purpose is missed. It needs to have all of them begin with,” according to Luc Bontemps, managing director Febiac. “This measure is to eliminate is to put a brake on the future of sustainable mobility solutions.”

The federation of electric mobility, the timing is very unfortunate, because there are now more affordable and smaller electric models on the market. “We’re going to an excessive electric cars need to klimaatambities to achieve,” says Avere chairman of the Jochen De Smet. “With the elimination of the premium for individuals after 2020, no incentive anymore for them to switch to an unhealthy petrol or diesel car to be a clean, zero-emissiewagen.”

The federation is hoping that the government released funds will be used to create a different way to get the price of electric cars will decrease.

Electric cars are a lot more expensive than the conventional cars. A lot of people doubt it to electric, as the network of charging stations that must be removed from the system.

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