The United States and the middle East conflict – Mike Pompeo promotes his “vision of Peace”The US foreign Minister pushes Israel on the implementation of trump’s middle East plan.Alexandra Föderl-Schmid Tel Aviv7 a Kommentare7Halten the Social Distancing: US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo (left) and the designated Israeli defense Minister Benny Gantz.Photo: Keystone

For the guest from America has made an exception: Normally, all passengers arriving at Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv, for two weeks in quarantine. US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, however, had stated on Wednesday only a few hours for his visit in Israel. A face mask in the Design of a US flag, wore Pompeo only when you get off the plane. His conversation partner, he welcomed without a mask. Pompeo and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is likely to have a safety distance of two meters, also not complied with.

Significantly more distance there was Pompeos meeting with Benny Gantz and Gabi Ashkenazi. The two should lead the new government, whose swearing-in is scheduled this Thursday, the defence and the Ministry of foreign Affairs. A further meeting with Mossad chief Yossi Cohen.

The U.S. government switched the election campaign at home

Before the start of the three-hour meeting with Netanyahu Pompeo pushed for the implementation of the middle East plan. The US President has released his “vision of Peace” in January, “it still needs to be work done, and we have to make in the question of progress”. Trump is hoping the support of Israel, sympathies for the Jewish and Evangelical voters in the presidential election in November.

Prior to his departure in the direction of Israel, Pompeo explained, the implementation of the annexation was “ultimately an Israeli decision.” The Plan includes the annexation of Parts of the West Bank by Israel, about 30 percent of the existing area. On the remaining area of a state may arise if the Palestinians fulfill a series of conditions.

praise for Israel, a rebuke to China

Netanyahu described the imminent formation of a unity government as an “opportunity to promote peace and security,” based on the Agreement he had made in January, with Trump. He called “the Iranian terror master,” and the fight against the Coronavirus as the more common challenges. Pompeo praised Israel information slash parts, “not as another country, the hidden” – a page on China. Also Pompeos talks with Gantz, it was to combat the Coronavirus, as well as the situation in Iran. Whether the annexation was a topic that was not clear from the written statement.

In the coalition agreement it was established that Netanyahu can put of July to the steps that may lead to the expansion of Israeli sovereignty to the approximately 200 settlements and the Jordan valley in the West Bank. Gantz has waived this point on the Veto.

The Palestinians were ignored

The chief Palestinian negotiator, Saeb Erekat said, Pompeo’ve been looking for before his Israel visit, no contact with the Palestinians. “The Trump-government collaborated in the annexation plans with Israel,” said Erekat. The Palestinians hope that the EU sanctions to prevent the annexation. Individual EU States have threatened Israel from further participation in the EU funding programme Horizon to exclude. Since 2014 research projects in Israel were supported with € 1.3 billion. The Palestinian Prime Minister, Mohammad Shtayyeh called on the EU in a conversation with the high representative on Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, their economic and political weight.

The Protest unites all the warring Palestinian factions. President Mahmoud Abbas invited representatives of the radical Islamic Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, the second-largest group in the Gaza strip to a Meeting of the PLO for Thursday. There should be measures discussed, if Israel implements the annexation plans actually. In the past few days it had come to clashes between Palestinians and the Israeli army. A soldier and a 15-year-old Palestinians were killed.

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