The new season of the show ‘40-’45 the poor has begun. The first show after the summer we had to shut down due to a technical problem. All attendees will get a ticket, as announced by the Studio 100.

After a long summer vacation, it was Wednesday night, in the pop-up, theater, along the A12 motorway, Again for the first time will be played. However, that was not a success.

According to one of the attendees, the musical, soon after the start, five minutes to shut down because of technical difficulties with moving the stands. Barely started, then there was a problem. “Then it was a half an hour to the good. But, in the end, it’s wrong again. After the fourth breakdown, the lights went on and the crew took the stage to apologize to you. It has been said that the present problems are no longer the experiences were what they were. And so it was, the show is permanently cancelled.”

finally, All the participants were given a free drink at the bar and get it as soon as possible, the Studio 100 is an e-mail with a new date for the show.

this is not the first time that the spectacle < / I> 40-45 , either temporarily or completely shut down as the motion stands haperden.
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