The youngest du Rocher is a committed woman. On December 15, 2021, Camille Gottlieb was present with her mother Stéphanie of Monaco, her half-brother Louis Ducret and the twins Jacques and Gabriella of the couple Albert and Charlène of Monaco, for the traditional distribution of gifts for the children of the principality. A moment of sharing and complicity between the members of the family in which the young woman took part.

Born of the relationship (outside marriage) between her mother Stéphanie of Monaco and her former bodyguard Jean-Raymond Gottlieb, on July 15, 1998, the pretty Monegasque does not have an official title within the royal family. This does not prevent her from being invited to social events and making the headlines of the specialized press of crowned heads.

A mother-daughter relationship merges that no one escapes, as Camille Gottlieb explained in her first interview with Point de vue in 2018. “My mother is a great mother, she is my example, my model. I wouldn’t know not even tell you how proud I am of her”. While following in his footsteps, the youngest of the family is also turned towards humanitarianism since she created her association following a personal tragedy.

“This summer, we lost Alexis, victim of a road accident while returning from a party. We were extremely shocked to learn of his disappearance, and this drama was the trigger. With three friends, Charlotte, Andrea and Margaux, we decided to found Be Safe Monaco to encourage young people and their parents to become aware of the dangers of drunk driving”, she confided at the time to our colleagues. .

Like all young people of his age, Camille Gottlieb is also very connected on social networks. Followed by 85,000 subscribers on Instagram, the granddaughter of Grace Kelly is the object of all the attention even if it means publishing pictures that make a lot of talk about her.

In the columns of Hello Monaco magazine, Camille Gottlieb had mentioned her impressive weight loss. “I was going through life without asking myself any questions. I was actually experiencing an inner conflict, and I was not happy with the person I was. I decided to take my life back into my own hands. Within a few months, I lost 28 kilos without necessarily stopping to eat, because everything happens in the head”, she had declared.

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