gasoline and Diesel in Germany for the holidays cheaper. Reported that the auto club ADAC on Thursday, based on his weekly analysis of the gasoline prices of 14,000 gas stations. On the first day of Christmas, a Liter of Diesel cost, on average, in Germany 1,264 euros, 3.3 cents less than a week ago. For a Liter of Super E10, motorists had to pay an average 1,371 euros, 3.3 cents less than a week ago. In the previous week, the fuel prices have dropped significantly. This is not unusual.

Christian Siedenbiedel

editor in the economy.

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In previous years, the prices for petrol and Diesel, the Christmas rose is often similar to the travel of waves in the summer or at Easter. The Federal cartel office had shown in 2011 in a so-called sector analysis, that fuel at the gas station up to 11 cents per litre were to such occasions, often more expensive than a few days in advance. That was, however, a couple of years. Meanwhile, the prices vary at the gas station in the daily routine much more than before; maybe the oil companies have not, therefore, it is necessary to follow holidays and vacation. The research Institute RWI in any event, had submitted in the summer of a study that suggests that the “holidays effect” when the price of petrol is generally not as pronounced as before.

The crude oil prices decline

Single motorway service stations on the main routes in Germany have the same probably also in this year at the holidays, significantly more than the average. This effect Steffen Bock, the managing Director of the Internet portal Clever-Refueling had warned, before the holidays. At some fuel stations approximately in the East-West travel route is highway 4 it also came back to certain grades of fuel were temporarily out of stock. The petroleum industry Association said, however, that were exceptions, overall, the fuel supply is functioning now.

As a reason for the overall lower price of fuel-level in the ADAC led the decline in crude oil prices. In the holiday trade on Christmas of crude oil struck the vagaries of price, the level is significantly lower than even a few weeks ago. On the second day of Christmas the price of oil North sea Brent crude oil fell in the course of a day, even in the short term under the mark of 50 dollars per Barrel (the barrel is 159 litres), before the development turned, and led to a daily increase of 9 percent. On Thursday, the price level in the afternoon of 2.1 percent in the Minus on 53,32 dollars.

in October crude oil had cost occasionally $ 85, and analysts had not ruled out an increase to $ 100, so that would be Double what came in last. And, although the organization of the petroleum exporting countries (Opec), together with other oil-producing countries such as Russia, on 7. December has announced an Oil subsidy cut, which should actually drive the price of Oil high. On the Oil market, the price jump from Wednesday with a bit of discount was Fears of a slowdown in the economy is explained. On the stock exchange in New York, there had been strong price premiums. In addition, the Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak moved, apparently, the markets with Statements that he expected the Oil market will be in the first half of next year to be more stable.

The petrol prices were, however, especially in the first half of November is extremely high – in the Boulevard media, the speech was from the “fuel-price-Horror” – and have returned to normal since then something. The level is now approximately that of the spring. The oil industry had declared the high prices with the low water on the Rhine and higher transport costs. Now the level stands alone risen since Christmas eve, more than two metres, there was a high-water warnings. The ADAC, however, had adopted from the beginning, the Oil companies could have increased their margin.