today, those Who take the E40 direction coast-spun, was it for your efforts. After a rear-end collision with four vehicles, was on the highway for a period of time to close. But the hours and hours it took prior to the accident is dealt with, it was the fault of the other members of the board. “To make it faster to place the emergency calls to the fire department via Twitter,.

The motorway E40 in the direction of coast, was Pushed about four hours, stopped after a crash with four other vehicles. There were fortunately no injuries in the head-to-staartaanrijding, but three cars, to summarize or make a fire. All three of these cars, then you are completely uitbrandden, it could have been avoided. When the emergency services to more quickly spot could be, it wasn’t that far. In addition, the accident also dealt with more quickly and the file is more quickly resolved. That said, the relevant fire service via Twitter.

“this Morning as we were hard on the spot in case of an accident with a 3 and burning of vehicles on the E40 motorway in the Did,” says the fire zone Center. “That’s why it’s call: you’re in a traffic jam? There may be an accident has happened, and there are people who are in need. Go to no tailgating and make way for the emergency services.”

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it’s Four minutes faster

it’s to make way for the emergency services, how do you do it? Due to a reddingsstrook to create. The directors shall, as much as possible on the right or left side of the road, so that it is in the middle, plenty of room for the vehicles of the emergency services. On roads with more than two lanes of traffic, who should be made to the left and to the right of it is located in lane. In this way the middenrijstrook on a motorway, as the motorway E40 in the service as a reddingsstrook.

Research has shown that the emergency services are using this method for 4 minutes for faster, on-the-spot, so that the chance of survival of road crash victims by up to 40% a year. In Germany, Switzerland and Austria, it is mandatory that a “Rettungsgasse” for hulpvoertuigen to be in traffic jams, in our country, that is not the case.

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