A man in the Us state of Louisiana is drowning, when he had his friend under the water at the wedding was going to ask for during their vacation.

Steven Harris, Jr. it died this week when he and his friend, Kenesha Antoine, under the water, to marry him during their trip to Tanzania. They know the story of the tragic incident on Friday on the Facebook, along with a few photos and a video of the marriage proposal.

“There are not enough words for the beautiful soul, Steven Weber, Jr. to honor them,” she writes. “You have been a bright spot for everyone who came. You are never going to get more out of that deep water, so you’ll have the answer to my question will never be able to hear: “Yes!!! Yes!!! A million times yes, I will marry you!” We will never be able to embrace it, and we are in the beginning of the rest of our lives together will not be able to celebrate it. The best day of our lives, is one of the most difficult wreedst a possible twist of fate. I will our love will always be with us and carry it. I love you so much, thank you.”

On the video to see how to Steven a little note, showed it, then it is a small box with a ring on top to pick it up. Only then would it have failed to be. At the moment it is not clear as to how the incident was able to happen.