Well, that the French authorities were attentive. Even if, apparently, ultimately, but there is no immediate terror threat to German and French airports not subside stock, the vigilance must in these days. This needs no new powers. The short chain of command, even between two EU countries, and the exploitation of the existing legal framework to open up many possibilities for effective cross-border risk prevention. How necessary it is, have shown the murders on the Strasbourg Christmas market recently.

You have the concrete blocks in the pedestrian zones for the fixed time used. Fortunately, but that does not detract from the atmosphere. Christmas has a symbolic value – for the enemies of freedom and of the (Christian) faith. That this freedom must be defended, should be Doubt, no reason to. On The Contrary. The European community of values and laws through a crisis alive, but she’s alive. It excludes, in principle, anyone can give up but never will.