The dispute of the US President – Trump responds to Obama’s criticism: “He was blatantly incompetent”Barack Obama has called the crisis management of Donald trump’s government a “chaotic Disaster”. Now he puts – and the US President responded vehemently. 358 Kommentare358Donald Trump discredited his predecessor: “He was blatantly incompetent.” Video: Tamedia

the conflict between The U.S. President and his predecessor, gaining sharpness and could be a defining theme of the election campaign. At the weekend, discredited, Donald Trump, once again, Barack Obama and accused him of being “blatantly incompetent” have been. Obama had previously criticized, the Corona pandemic have placed the cluelessness of the Ruling openly. “Many of them do not do so, as they had the responsibility”, said the Ex-President in a speech to high school graduates.

Obama’s words were interpreted by some U.S. media as a criticism of the U.S. government and its officials for the response to the Corona pandemic in the United States responsible. Even more so, the democratic Ex-President during the week was in a private telephone conference with former employees. In it, he referred to the crisis management by Donald Trump as “absolutely chaotic Disaster”. This went on Sunday to counter-attack and worked verbally on Obama: “All I can say is that He was an incompetent President. A crass incompetent.”

Obama’s gate for the election campaign

Trump is for weeks for his handling of the Corona criticized. The US is the most difficult of the pandemic-affected country in the world. Meanwhile, nearly 1.5 million infections, 90’000 Corona-the Dead and the 36 million unemployed have been reported. Trump is accused of the pandemic will be underestimated and have not soon enough responded. The President believes that the country is now out of the Woods. “We had a great weekend and have made on various fronts tremendous progress, also in the case of a cure for this terrible disease.”

On trump’s Twitter account, it was in the last few hours, but not Corona, but his new campaign-a favorite theme: Obama – gate “is the biggest crime in American history, by far.” Because nothing Trumps the rights of voters mobilized as attacks against the Ex-President. Trump used the term Obama-gate, since the Ministry of justice ordered the proceedings against trump’s Ex-security consultant Michael Flynn, fall, surprisingly, before the competent judge prompted, to check the legal situation once again.

Flynn had pleaded guilty to the FBI at the end of December 2017 through its contacts with the then Russian Ambassador lied to. The President and many conservative commentators see the case as part of a conspiracy of the Obama administration: Obama, the accusation that the have recognized to the FBI in revenge on Trump. The result was the politically motivated appointment of special investigator Robert Mueller.

Indirectly, Obama said in a second virtual speech on the weekend Trumps in the last few days with increasing cadence pre-conspiracy brought stories. “Do what feels good, what is convenient, what is easy to – as small children think,” he said. “Unfortunately, many so-called adults, still, including those with fancy titles and important Jobs – that’s why the situation is messed up like that.” Trumps response was not long in coming. The US President attached to a Tweet from the conservative presenter Dan Bongino, according to Obama, the most corrupt U.S. President in the story was, and commented, so just as clearly: “it is 100 percent correct.”


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