North Korea fires again projectile abNach three-month break in the Regime for Kim Jong-un is running missile tests.royDer North Korean rulers won’t let go of the missile tests, Kim Jong-un observes a military event. (12. March 2020)Korean Central News Agency, Keystone

North Korea has fired, according to the South Korean military, once again, a projectile in the direction of the sea of Japan (Korean East sea). The missile was first identified. This is the South Korea reported niche news Agency Yonhap on Saturday morning (local time), citing the General staff of the country. Details of the type, for reach and height but there was initially no.

Recently, North Korea had on the 9. In March, some of the missiles fired. His Tests back in the country a week earlier, had resumed after a three-month break. At the beginning of March it was the first missile test of because of its nuclear weapons program, the isolated country since the end of November. UN resolutions for North Korea to say the testing of ballistic missiles, which can, depending on the design, also nuclear warheads.

Pyongyang is pushing ahead for years, the development of missiles that could be equipped with nuclear warheads. It is subject to so tough international sanctions. Given the stock of nuclear negotiations between North Korea and the United States radio silence currently between Pyongyang and Seoul again.


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