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A subscription for a car? The Corona-crisis has increased the demand for this in Switzerland yet little-known model. Customers can rent a vehicle for a few months to a fixed flat rate, including insurance, tyres, Service, repairs, and Vignette. Who no longer want the car after the expiry of the subscription, you can give him back.

In a foreign country is widely used, this model already, while most of the providers in Switzerland, only started a few years ago. However, the market is growing – in the past few months, mainly due to the crisis.

“Corona has given us an additional boost.”

Léa Miggiano, Co-founder of the subscription-provider Carvolution

This has several reasons: on The one commuter out of a fear of contagion in public transport to avoid and are switched, therefore, in the short term on the car. On the other, horrors of many people in times of uncertainty, when the threat of a job loss prior to large purchases.

Both plays of the subscription providers in the hands. “Corona has given us extra boost,” says Léa Miggiano. She is the Co-founder of the 2018 existing subscription provider Carvolution from Bannwil BE. Especially shorter maturities of three, six and twelve months are very much in demand, while Langfristabos of three years had decreased in the Wake of the crisis, she explains. “People have to deal more intensively with their finances. You don’t buy a car or sign a lease agreement, but want to know exactly what your costs will be,” says Miggiano.

The car hire company Hertz, the subscriptions, under the Name mini lease offers, has also seen an increased interest. “With the offer, we speak to clients who want to only need one or two months a car or to buy a car and to have to try that,” says Roberto Delvecchio, the Hertz Switzerland responsible for Marketing and sales.

the first since October of 2019 existing Start-up Clyde that came out of the Amag Innovation & Venture Lab in Zurich, recorded a positive Trend. “Whether this is exclusively due to Corona or whether we, in the meantime, more and more people perceive the brand, the Figures cannot be clearly read out,” says Pasche of the Clyde-marketing Manager Olivier.

subscriptions are more expensive than a purchase, but are worthwhile for some users

But the subscription is worth it for the user financially? Under certain circumstances, Yes. This is the result of an investigation of comparison service provider Comparis of the end of last year. The extra cost compared to buying a car is on a monthly basis in part for less than 50 Swiss francs. Thus, the Abo is considering flexible lead times and a lower cost for many attractive, such as Comparis-mobility expert Andrea Auer explains.

the classic customers, city-dwellers that subscribe to in the Winter a four wheel drive vehicle for your skiing. And international workers who want to leave the country after a certain period of time. Or pensioners, who do not know, how long are you still driving a car.

in Addition, companies are increasingly turning to this Form. “If an employee leaves the company, then you can give the car back. This is worth it, especially for small and medium-sized companies,” says Auer.

the auto industry is benefiting

The growing Abomarkt is a welcome additional sales channel for the crisis-ridden car industry. In Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the number of new registrations fell in the first four months compared to the same period last year by over a third to just under 65’000 vehicles. In April alone there were just under 9400 vehicles in a single month, as few as since the oil crisis in the 70s not more.

Depending on the business model of the dealers, or garages can benefit from the subscription. The provider Carify, for instance, offers car garages, an Internet platform, to bring their fleet on the road and generate revenue. Clyde is able to draw on young used cars of the car importer Amag. Carvolution refers to the vehicles, mostly direct from the Swiss importer, or dealer.

the Abomarkt meanwhile, is a well-kept secret. “It is a young and dynamic market. In comparison to the new cars and second-hand market is still in its infancy,” says Andrea Auer von Comparis. The majority of providers give their clients do not pay is known. Carvolution comes after a good two years on 1200 customers.

But one thing is certain: The subscription model is for the individual manufacturer so attractive that you will follow suit with their own Offers and the business is not tourism Start-ups want to leave. Toyota, Volvo, and BMW, for example, in Switzerland, meanwhile, the corresponding models.

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