Two small children were at the end of August by the social security services of Ukraine have been saved from a daklozenkamp. The ukken was there, naked, and bare feet – are dumped by their parents who, according to local media, “wanted to rest”. A 42-year-old homeless man, was ‘baby-sitting’, and shared his scanty meals with the children, and that their lust had to have lessons in the water with water from the river. To a casual passer-by noticed the children and called the police. The parents were charged with neglect.

“Andrey” (3) and Maxim (2) in the media, compared to Mowgli, the little boy in The jungle book by Rudyard Kipling. They were, by chance, the 26-year-old Olena Tashevska, seen as Ukraine’s ” a walk in the vicinity of the camp. “I was looking for a place to be as the sun when I took the children to notice it,” she said in the local media. “I saw two little boys in dirty blankets, lie down. She was naked and extremely dirty.”

The woman called the police immediately, on the spot, came up with the people from the social services department. Andrey and Maxim were to get sick, hypothermic, and malnourished when she got to the hospital and were released. “They can barely take steps, according to their treating physician. “They have a viral infection.” According to the doctors, the children are not their parents, were asked.


in the Meantime, gathered from the police and the local media for more information on the children’s. According to Sergey (42) in which the children pick up the tab, they were dropped off by their parents. “As a young couple talked to me and asked me if I could for their children, wanted to be sure,” said the man. “They were completely naked, and with bare feet. The parents, 20 minutes away, but never came back.”

Volodymyr zaitsev from (25) and Bozhena Synychka (21), were made by the police, tracked down and interviewed. According to the Ukrainian press, they were “the children are tired” and they wanted “a break”. The two have been charged with neglect, at risk of a prison sentence of five years and will be able to access their rights as parents to miss. The children live in an orphanage in the district court, a judgment between them.

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