Freshly appointed Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, now embodies the new face of the government. Thus, at the dawn of this new political era, the country is waiting to see if it will manage to assert itself in its news and who knows how to rise to higher levels.

The young Prime Minister is embarking on a political chapter that will be strewn with challenges. Having started his career on the left before joining La République en Marche in 2016, he must today face a government without a clear parliamentary majority. Until now perceived as a consensual minister, his new position will require him to be more assertive in his decisions.

During his first television appearance as Prime Minister on TF1 news on January 11, he affirmed his desire to move things forward with results. At only 34 years old, Gabriel Attal recognized the responsibility that now falls to him: “What I want is action, action, action” and “results, results, results”, the new head of government repeated several times.

He also praised “the energy” of his ministers who are 200% committed to meeting the expectations of the French. Faced with possible criticism of illegitimacy, he assures that he is moving forward without asking this type of question. A political journey by Gabriel Atta l , in his image: “young, energetic and ambitious.”

Will it be the same for his mandate as Prime Minister? To try to find out, Planet turned to… Astrology! With the help of a medium, we deciphered his birth chart. Here’s what he reveals.

A birth chart symbolizes a star chart at the time of birth, it stands like a celestial mirror revealing aspects of an individual’s personality. For those delving into astrology, it offers clues to character traits and the contours of the near future.

Natacha.S, seasoned astrologer with more than thirty years of experience, guides us through the stars to unravel the mysteries of the personality of Gabriel Attal, born March 16, 1989.

Gabriel Attal is under the influence of the Pisces sign, with a Cancer ascendant. “When we say Pisces rising Cancer, we think of someone intuitive, sensitive and empathetic,” explains Natacha. S. “This astral configuration suggests a personality marked by intuition and gentleness, bringing a particular form of sensitivity to his character,” she adds.

A characteristic that allows him to evolve with discernment and caution.

According to Natacha.S, it seems that Gabriel Attal is equipped with a “radar” which guides him towards success thanks to his intuition. “A powerful moon contributes to his popularity, allowing him to capture the spirit of the times with ease. The conjunction of Sun and Venus in Pisces adds a touch of charm to his personality, also highlighting his sharp intellect and his ability to swim like a fish in water within complex projects.” she clarified.

This astral configuration indicates an individual with particular antennae, capable of seducing his audience. “The conjunction of Mars and Jupiter highlights a form of hyperactivity in the field of projects and groups. His ability to forge emotional bonds demonstrates that he is anchored in the emotional field,” adds Natacha. S.

“He has three planets in the ninth house, it is the house of humanism, which elevates humans beyond their animal condition. It is a personality that will not make waves,” concludes She.

This celestial exploration offers an enlightening decipherment of its future, enough to reassure us for the future. For even more detailed astrological forecasts, check out Natacha S’s captivating YouTube channel.