The birth is the fate. Wolfgang Pohrt on 5. May 1945 to the world. You have to start with this Life, a reasonably sound mind provided, is not necessary to change the memorial be? All own most, most individual life issues show themselves mediated by national socialism, the war, the allies, the policy of extermination. The simplest “Who am I?” is not a plausible end.

Lawrence hunter

editor in the features section.

F. A. Z.

The question of dynamics, once started, requires more than “mere” single science, and this was tasteful even so, because the existential uncertainty, or better said: the despair of such people is not to resolve by Hitler’s Biography or the history of German society. Therefore, Pohrt was close to it, his studies of sociology, psychology, politics, and Economics than him, the “dialectic of enlightenment” by Max Horkheimer and Theodor W. Adorno, fell by chance into the hands of his publisher Klaus Bittermann reported. From his subjects a sense of unity.

The conceivable large-format correct theory

Because there she was, the large-format correct theory, which was able to bring the song sleeps in all things of capitalism. “Theory of use-value” was the first, in 1976 published book of Wolfgang Pohrt, immediately attracted attention. On one hand it was consistently Marxist, almost philological, and at the same time the admission that “the fascism”, as they said back then, is not to derive fully economically – but only if it is deciphered in capitalism, the “wrong relationship of people to each other”.

Who had so started, the matadors, the next big protest movement (for nuclear disarmament) in the eighties, Walter Jens or a General Bastian, in the best case, had to be as upright people of Peace, but as a theoretically, not satisfaction appear to be capable of. Pohrt took the next train, with a sneer, he, in 1981, wrote in the “time” the Essay “one people, One Empire, one peace”.