happened to The U-boat, on the 2017 a sensational murder of a Swedish journalist, has been dismantled. The boat had been dismantled into pieces and then destroyed, was quoted by the newspaper “Ekstra Bladet” on Saturday, Brian Belling of the Copenhagen police. The Builder of the boat, the Danish inventor Peter Madsen, was sentenced in September for the murder of the journalist Kim Wall to life in prison. In the judgment, the court had ordered at the same time that the 18-Meter-long U-should the boat be destroyed.

Wall had want to write about Madsen a report and was stung in August 2017 from Copenhagen with him on the U-boat in the lake. After that, the 30-Year-old did not return, later in the Koge were found in Bay near Copenhagen, and after body parts. The court saw it as proven that Madsen tortured the woman sexual motif in the U-boat, and after her death, dismembered threw overboard. The murder case had also engaged international, the Public and the media for months.