André width rider had suddenly Lenient. Its completely defeated professionals had just provided the last low point of a historically bad first half of the season as the head coach of Hannover 96 hinted at a possible departure from its threatened ban on leave. Despite the 0:1 (0:0)-defeat against Fortuna Düsseldorf, in spite of the miserable record of only eleven points after 17 Games, and despite the greatest of relegation danger, he could modify his original Plan, at least, the Trainer. And indeed, A day after the collapse of the table was second-to-last after a team meeting: “The team has up to and including Thursday, 27. December, free. From the 28. is then trained again in Hannover.“ The two Brazilians in water and Felipe will be on due to family reasons only 3. January come back to the team. All of the other players has been shortened by the Christmas holiday by six days.

Bundesliga round DISPLAY

In terms of trying to make the Coach his Team on Saturday night, still no charge. That was it but also already, what captain Waldemar was able to keep Anton and co. after another weak performance. In the Form, with this squad, the chances of the class body, not fade, good the has shown the weakest first half of the season in the club’s history.

“it can’t go on,” said Horst Heldt, the is required in the winter break. The Manager needs to find on the transfer market, real reinforcements. In the occupation of a coach item is to change, in spite of the meager balance sheet of nothing. “The President has said a Yes to it, because there is nothing to say Further,” said Heldt. For the Sunday club boss Martin kind, who had very wide tab is also for the case of a loss, a guarantee of a job, asked to the meeting. Width of the tab, said: “We must fight together.” With the rise and the Class remaining in the past year, he can point to achievements.

It is for the 96, at the latest, at the beginning of the year 2019 determined to press the reset button, and again close together in the back. In the first half of the season there were not only public dispute over the takeover plans of a child. There were also bigger problems in the team. “I had not estimated so extremely,” said Breitenreiter: “But there were clear signals from the man Council that you get the cabin in the handle.” to unite

his professionals back to goal, he threatened to cancel the Christmas holiday, when his team made the Play at SC Freiburg (1:1) and against Düsseldorf brings at least three points. This target missed on Saturday weak 96 by the late goal by Oliver Fink (90.+2) after a major error from the 96-Keeper Michael Esser clear. Nevertheless, the width of the tab on Sunday said: “The goal that the team presented as a unit, we have achieved.” Hanover can save nevertheless, just with a very successful second round. Width riders believe: “I have the absolute Conviction, with suitable reinforcements to the classes.”

A Position where it is in urgent need of reinforcement, is that of the striker. Niclas Füllkrug has to be operated between Christmas and new year to his injured knee. The 96-Manager Horst Heldt confirmed on Saturday evening. The surgery is on the 27. December in Augsburg will take place, said Heldt. Only then could also reliably estimate how long the 25-year-old attacker will be. Hanover’s Manager confirmed, however, that he expects the use of Füllkrug this season. “It’s complicated,” he said. “This can take a very long time – even over the season.”