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In order: no and yes. First, at the time of a six against five goal, the attacking team is, in reality, not on the power play, since there are the same number of players from each team if we count the goalkeeper. . Second, there is no “own goal” like in soccer. A goal scored in his own net will therefore be credited to the last opposing player who touched the puck. It also earned goals for goaltenders, including two for Martin Brodeur.

It’s really simple. The receiver installs a small device similar to a remote control on his wrist. He presses the buttons of the transmitter to indicate the type of throw wanted, as well as its location. For example: an inside high rapid. The pitcher receives voice instructions through a small sensor, usually located inside his cap. Three other defensive players can also carry the receiver. Usually, they are the second baseman, the shortstop and the center fielder.

It’s not only endorsed, it’s also encouraged to popularize baseball. ESPN introduced this novelty during the 2020 season, marked by the pandemic. Spectators loved this closeness to the players and the action. Boston Red Sox outfielder Kiké Hernandez was even shot while chatting with the descriptor and analyst!

Excluding Junior Team Canada games, the record for the largest crowd for a Canadian junior club was set… in the United States. Over 26,300 spectators attended the 2013 OHL game between the London Knights and the Plymouth Whalers at Detroit Tigers Stadium.

According to Rule 8, Section 1, Article 4 of the NFL Rulebook, “Any pass becomes incomplete…if the ball is thrown directly to the ground or goes off-line.” So when a quarterback decides to dump the ball in the stands due to lack of options or “spikes” the ball to save time, it does count as an incomplete pass on his record.