The man, who was arrested on suspicion of bomb alert on Tuesday in the Flemish Parliament, has never been threatened by a terrorist attack. Reported that the Eastern part of Flanders, department of public prosecution. The man called in to find out the information and had their identity and given up.

on Tuesday left president, Liesbeth Homans, the Flemish Parliament is evacuated after a bomb alert. In the meantime, the public prosecutor’s office of East-Flanders, the suspect was identified and located within the city of Ghent.

“Not a threat”

According to the analysis by the office of the public prosecutor, there is no mention of a bomb. “From the tangible, objective elements of a thorough research and several interviews, it appears not to have been any bomb, or the threat of a terrorist attack,” said the public prosecutor’s office.

According to the departments of the parliament, there may be a link with the celebration of 40 years of the heart of the Kurdish Institute, which is Tuesday, to a 16-hour, it would take place in the building. “The ensuing conversation was entirely recorded on a phone of a concerned man, by means of an app, each phone call, picks up,” says persmagistraat An Schoonjans.

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“Out of the conversation, with the guy from the start, his identity is changed, and the English called, for the information, it appears that at no time there is only one. For the duration of the recording is fully in line with the length of time which is evident from the results of the telefonieonderzoek provided by the service provider.”

The man was allowed to sat night to have.

the Flemish president, Liesbeth Homans (N-VA) continues to support the decision on Tuesday to stand up. “I don’t have any reason to doubt the statement of the man who received the call. We assume that such cases are always serious, lets Homans of There knowing it.

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