finally, the CD&V Member of parliament, Nahima Lanjri calls on the parliament to quickly, and seriously work on the planned extension of the sanctions to force it on people. They have to do that after the phone call from the medical staff of our newspaper, and to force them to stop.

more severe sanctions for violence against the person, with a social function in the new criminal code, which, in principle, by the new government, which is to be introduced. Nahima Lanjri will ask the parliament now have to apply in order to not have to wait for a new federal government for this important reform. It is the respect for the workers and what they do on a daily basis, he says, is to be restored. Workers will not be. If they do, there is the risk of heavy penalties.”

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now, The new penalties include prison terms of up to 3 years, the lowest crime for a worker or a civil servant with the public.

according to the numbers, which is the member of parliament opvroeg by the minister of the Interior, by Pieter De Crem (CD&V). it appears the phenomenon is even more intense than first thought. Each year more than 2,000 health care professionals, police officers and civil servants, and teachers are making a complaint because they are in the performance of their job have been attacked. That is 6 complaints per day.

most of The complaints in Brussels are listed or quoted, immediately followed by Antwerp, belgium. According to the Lanjri, there are, in practice, likely to have a lot more acts of violence, because social workers do not always file a complaint.

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