Im here to get sick of release of checks for each of the years or of age daughter still a virgin
Im here to get sick of release of checks for each of the years or of age daughter still a virgin

The most popular rapper, TI, is under fire after he acknowledged that he has every year at the beginning of the with his daughter to check if her hymen is still intact. “I’m here to get sick of”, is just one of the many responses to them.

from the makers of The podcast, but, Ladies like us, had a TI, best known for his hit song Live your life , as well as his contribution to the hit single Blurred lines , will be invited for an interview on twenty years from now. The man has six kids by three women, has been repeatedly criticised for the condescending manner in which he has the women talking and singing about.

in The testimony, that the release of the podcast, did so, and went on to his 18-year-old daughter, Deyjah. The creators asked him if he was all about sex and had talked. “Of course, ” he said. “She’s 18, just recently graduated from college and is now in her first year at the university of applied sciences. And yes, we do have that conversation, though, but we’re also each and every year, at the beginning of her hymen and to let it out.”

and he’s not one of them. The day after her birthday, while she and her gifts is to enjoy it, I’m a post-it note on the door. Gyno tomorrow morning, 9: 30 a.m. is written on it. Then I’m going to be there. The doctor stays professional, and ask her to sign it in order to share the information with me. They do this all the time.”

the sport:

Even when the beginning to explain that the hymen could also tear through activities other than sex, such as horseback riding, bicycle riding or track and field athletics, it remains a TI, then what you do. “ She does not go to the horses, the ride, and does not engage in the sport. , ” I say to him. in Look, that’s your hymen, and give me the results. .”

also, he beams as he tells it. “On her 18th birthday, is her hymen still intact.” The creators call it, the girl is laughing, she is a “prisoner,” and ask him if he’s not afraid of men who like to be girls ontmaagden. “What’s great about” said TI. “Who wants to be a virgin? And really, so much work to do.”

the Critique

social media has been a lot of people have commented on the statements made by TI. “I’m here, feeling a bit sick by it,” says The handmaid’s tale star Madeline Brewer), for example. “This is disgusting. This is not a behavior to get a laugh.”

Model Chrissy Teigen to tweet again, “I can’t believe that we’re about a maagdenvliezen to speak at all, and certainly not with someone like TI”. Padma Lakshmi tweette that they are “too much” is. “Now, boy, women will be able to make their own decision about their bodies and their sexuality.”