Those who are working in a system that includes a 24/7 service is required, it must be a great deal of flexibility on the day. The irregular hours, are often in conflict with the personal agenda of each and every employee. The ideal solution is that each and every companion himself would be preferable to working at home, it can be determined. This form of ‘self-planning’ is just one of the measures provided for in the Jessaziekenhuis to be taken for the well-being of its staff, as well as the quality of the care to improve the.

Earlier this week, you could read a newspaper that is in the emergency room of the Jessaziekenhuis in a cab, bought that and the staff, for up to 20 minutes for a nap, you can do it. It fits in with the policy of the institution in order for the employees to stay alert and be safety to be increased. Another measure with the same objective is to be a review of the number of hours worked.

for example, the doctors have agreed that they will not shift from 14 hours to over-perform, but it is still up to 9 hours consecutively in the. They are going to cancel each other, so is faster repayment. This has practical disadvantages, for example, for the movement, but that is nothing compared to the increased well-being of both the patient and the professional. That is the last you’ll see of the measure, in addition to a work-life balance will improve. And that, in itself, is a very important issue, also for the nursing staff.

“We’re introducing a regular new features that make the work of our nurses, optimization, and, consequently, of their performance to the next level,” says the nurse, Luc, Celus. “The opportunity to take a short break at the cabin, there is a case in point. We are the directors acknowledge that they agree to it, because it’s going to be paid for working.” Another measure that was introduced is the principle of ‘self-scheduling’.

This means that all nurses in the future of their own work schedule, be able to fill it out. Well, the hours (morning, evening, and night) and the day (weekends, afternoons, etc.) and holiday periods (public holidays, school holidays, etc.) will be the planning to be able to identify. The Jessaziekenhuis has developed a new software package was purchased.