There will be an end to the disqualification of He Eekhoff, during the uci road world championships in harrogate in Yorkshire. The 21-year-old Dutchman won the race in the future, but it had to be a winning hand after it was found that, after a crash early in the race in an irregular fashion, which was to be aligned to the end of it. Eekhoff want to be there now, not for what it is, and goes to the CAS, the international sporttribunaal to be disqualified to argue with them. He will, according to the NIS, with the support of the Dutch cycling federation.

The images of a crying Eekhoff, when he came to know that he is not a rainbow jersey, was allowed to do as they went around the world. “I was at the celebration. It Was so happy. Had the interview been given. And then I have to go to the jury is called in. At first, I understood that it is not a good one. No one wanted me to give an explanation. But then I saw in Pidcock’s already sitting down, and a minute later, I was then told that I was disqualified because I have the image of the sport is damaged have had it. What are you doing? I start to cry. I felt kind of helpless. Only wanted to go home,” he said then.

Eekhoff said “the best 15 minutes of my life,” while the world of cycling in the debate over the propriety of the sentence of the judges. “WTF”, said the Dutch former cyclist Bram Tankink it. “You are at the beginning of the course, dislocated shoulder. You have to put it back on. You will fight back in the race. Grab a bidonnetje to join the pack, you’re a hero. Then, the world champion, and the title taken away from her. This does not apply to rules as well.”

finally, The judges argued hard decision to make on images that are not live, had been sent out to see how Eekhoff, as long as took advantage of the slipstream of the team car, that of a world which could not fail to materialise. The UCI gave them the images are now free and it is also a statement of her hard decision to make.

And who is fighting Eekhoff, now, therefore, in the CAS, with the support of the Dutch cycling federation. The KNWU is all due to the fact that the rules governing this procedure have to be applied at the rate of exchange. The application of this rule should be otherwise,” said head coach Thorwald Veneberg on the bbc news. “He also needs to clarify as to why such a decision at this time, but we have not at this time.Thus, there might be something good to come out of this situation. Of late, in any case, good to look at those regulations and how to apply them. And then we’ll see what the outcome will be.”

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