resim 1808
resim 1808

One leader can hide another. This Monday, June 26, M6 offered viewers a salvo of episodes of Nightmare in the kitchen with Philippe Etchebest. The opportunity for fans to review one of the components that marked the program this season.

In the second episode broadcast from 10:55 p.m., Philippe Etchebest is sent on a mission to the heart of Côtes-d’Armor in Brittany. More precisely in the commune of Plaintel where is located Le Sebastopol of Jean-François, a former driver in professional retraining who turned to catering. With his wife “Darling”, they are at the head of a roadside restaurant very popular with their customers.

To keep their establishment running, the couple of restaurateurs are supported by two waitresses Virginie and Marie-Sarah, and a cook, Gwenaël, behind the stoves. An employee that the boss nevertheless judges “not motivated, nor in love with his job”. The latter even appoints him responsible for the difficult situation that the restaurant is going through.

Chef “for about ten years”, Gwen nevertheless denies enjoying her job. “Being in the kitchen is my element and it has always been something that has fascinated me,” he says in his portrait, adding facing the camera. “When I cook, I feel pleasure. Feeding people gives them pleasure, so me, it necessarily gives me pleasure”.

However, we quickly understand that the team is sorely lacking in communication, especially between the boss and his cook. If Gwen thinks she is doing a good job, Jean-François does not seem to agree. But it is another unusual detail that caught the attention of viewers in front of the M6 ​​broadcast.

For many Internet users, the Breton cook would be the look-alike of Philippe Etchebest crossed with chef Glenn Viel. A striking resemblance to the two stars of Top Chef who reacted on the web. “They have found the hidden son of Glenn Viel and Chef Philippe Etchebest”, can we read on Twitter while a fan even overcomes him “Philippe Presqutchebest”. And, another to joke: “On the weekend, I organize contests of look-alike of the chief Etchebest”, or even “Gwen, stunt double of Etchebest…”.

Gwen then quickly became the darling of Cauchemar en cuisine fans who did not hesitate to support her on social networks. Broadcast for the first time in January 2023, this episode had attracted 2.52 million gourmands in front of their post, according to Médiamétrie.