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A 35-year-old woman Wednesday night for the living, in an apartment in the Handelslei in Sint-Antonius (Zoersel). This confirms the public prosecutor’s office Thursday morning.

“About 19 hours, it is the woman’s body was discovered,” says Lieselotte Place of the public prosecutor’s office in Antwerp. “From the initial findings, it appears that they have the force to life has been established. The police, the laboratory and the law doctor, are we still moving away. There is one judge claimed, because of a murder.”

In the course of the investigation, it was Wednesday night, a man, 49, is arrested. On his part, or on his relationship with the victim, the public prosecutor said no comment.

According to The Latest News, the woman is killed by her partner. The couple lived for three months in the apartment and according to neighbors, is going to be an apartment block for people who are in need of support. It wouldn’t be the first time that the police had to come in for an out of hand argument.

Photo: BFM