Four young people were rescued from a car on the tracks; not long after, rides a freight train in a car


Floor / Putte-Kapellen / Essen, germany –
with A car on board, the four young people rode on Friday around 2 pm on a deal between the Floor and the Bottles. The staff was a team from its mission, at the start of the four occupants of the car out. Not much later, however, it is a freight train, which is still rammed with the car.

“In this case, the first priority was the four young people to be free,” says Frederic Petit, spokesman for Infrabel. Fortunately no one was injured. The car is weggetakeld, and it is still under investigation, whether there is any damage to the infrastructure or the applications. Up to eight hours on Thursday morning so that there were no trains running, in the meantime, the railways are back on the move again.

At the time of the car, and the handle cranked up, it was open. “The deal has a normal job,” says Petit. The hit line with the classic railway line in the Netherlands. The high-speed rail ride through the other line back to the Netherlands.

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