The 27-year-old Canadian was convicted of the murder of a Belgian tourist Amélie Sakkalis (28), we do know that he and the woman put to death for. He was forced to appear before the judge, he guilty plea. The man is aware of his punishment, in the month of november.

Amélie Sakkalis, a 28-year-old tourist from the Office, on the 22nd of August, in the north of the Canadian village of Boston Bar are found. Was murdered, and it soon became clear, a day after Vancouver had arrived. That turned out to be the last post that on Facebook posted it originally.

“Hey! I’m currently in Vancouver. As with all the inns filled up to seem to be stuck, I asked myself if someone asked me out for the night at home, want to receive, ” she said, “have a seat, there is more than enough. And, if someone tomorrow morning in the direction of Vancouver Island: I would like to pay like to be on the gas!”

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it was The latest sign of life in that Sakkalis on the day of her death. The young woman had been around since november of last year, in transit and in Canada. First time in Eastern Canada, with a visit to Niagara Falls. Eventually, through the Rocky Mountains to the west of Vancouver Island, to the end. It was the last day of her trip. But all of the sudden she has nothing more to say.


The police looked at the matter as soon as we do. They pulled out all the stops, but it was difficult because there were no papers found in the clothing of the Force. This took a little while for the body to identify it.

“The detectives from the specially-established team in less than four weeks, and significant evidence was found in relation to the murder,” said Frank Yang, president of the Canadian police station. In this way, the 27-year-old Sean McKenzie, will be picked up. He has been charged with murder. He had no criminal record.

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