12 years of broadcasts and not a single wrinkle for Les 12 coups de midi. On June 28, 2010, host Jean-Luc Reichmann presented the first issue of his new game (after the end of his program Attention à la marche) on TF1. The principle: four candidates, one of whom is midday master, compete over three rounds on questions of general culture in order to reach the final.

At this point, the noon master can win up to 30,000 euros (to share with a viewer) and land the mysterious star containing a myriad of gifts. An incredible challenge that 12,000 candidates tried to take up, among them the lucky ones who won the title of champion or champion. Adapted in eight different countries, the 12 noon shots format produced by Endemol France (itself adapted from the Argentinian version El Legado) continues to attract an average of 3 million viewers every day in front of their screens.

For the 12th anniversary of the program hosted by Jean-Luc Reichmann, the host receives 56 of the most emblematic candidates during two weeks of broadcasting for Le Combat des maîtres, every noon on TF1. “For the first time, there is a real challenge over time, over a large number of midday masters”, indicated Jean-Louis Blot, the boss of the Endemol France company, for the press presentation to which Planet attended mid-June. Indeed, they will try to qualify for the two Saturday evening bounties, July 2 and 9, in the hope of being the greatest master in the history of the game.

In 12 years of broadcasting, Les 12 coups de midi has been the scene of many exchanges, laughter between candidates, emotional and memorable sequences that have marked the public. However, there are still many secrets that you don’t know about the game of the host and flagship actor of TF1. From noon masters to winning records, not to mention gifts and nice surprises… It’s time to do the accounts!

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