The situation is gradually improving. However, this does not mean that there is no more progress to be made, affirms the Court of Auditors in its latest report devoted to the old-age branch of Social Security in France. The document, which relates to the year 2021 and was unveiled at the end of June 2022, reports fewer errors on pensions at the time of the liquidation of pension rights, the past year. As a reminder, in 2020, one pension in six was the subject of an inaccuracy likely to affect the amount received by the beneficiary.

In 2021, this is no longer the case for one in six pensions. Only one pension in seven is concerned, which represents a slight increase compared to last year, informs the online bank Boursorama on its site. It should also be remembered that in total, 824,000 new benefits were granted by the funds of the pension branch in 2021. 78% correspond to retirement pensions, the rest is made up of derived rights, which cover in particular the survivor’s pension. .

Several errors are therefore likely to slip into your retirement pension, as recalled by the magazine Dossier Familial in 2021. Essentially, they concern the proper consideration of the most obscure elements of the career. This was the case for 60% of them in 2020. “Another frequent cause of errors is the taking into account of erroneous resources for the allocation of survivors’ pensions and the minimum old age”, specified the wise men of Cambron Street.

And the Court of Auditors continued: “Year after year, this situation reflects a declining effectiveness of risk management systems in the old-age branch [of health insurance]”. She also mentions “the lack of implementation by the National Old Age Insurance Fund (Cnav) of effective actions capable of restoring its results in the field of the right payment of pensions”.

But what is the concrete impact for the retirees concerned?

In fact, continues Dossier Familial, errors are not systematically dramatic for retirees. In practice, it even happens that they prove to be financially profitable. That being said, it is important to remember that this is rarely the case and that, for the most part, such errors weigh heavily on the budget of retirees.

In 2020, the median shortfall was 123 euros over the year. Half of the pensioners concerned therefore lost more. The less well-off could lose up to 1,000 euros in total.

To protect themselves from such errors, the French have no choice but to be extremely vigilant, recalls Notre Temps on its site. Thus, it is essential to regularly consult your career statement so as to detect any possible anomaly before the request for retirement.

If periods of activity are missing, it will then be necessary to be able to justify the time worked using the payslips relating to each month performed. Do not forget the so-called assimilated periods, which correspond to quarters acquired through unemployment, illness, pregnancy or military service, for example.